This is going to be my last post!  It’s been a bit over 2 years since Cait confessed – there sure have been challenges – but it’s time to stop reflecting on every moment as a possible ‘post’.

Writing this website has been therapeutic for me, as well as being a meeting place for us to help others in similar situations – something I never thought would actually happen.  I’ve read other people journey’s online and there is a definite downward spiral to those who keep loitering with the past.  At some point, your ‘two steps forward’ actually sticks and it is a mistake to look back.  That doesn’t mean things don’t pop up anymore – your strength and relationship just grows to a point where those moments are more like a ‘tease’ that you can choose to ignore/fend off.

For those who have read through our story, you would know that I have felt that our ‘marriage’ was voided through Caits actions.  Null, dead, buried.  There was no official divorce, but in my heart that marriage no longer existed.  My view of marriage and ‘forever’ was smashed.

But, a few weeks ago, after more than 2 years, I finally felt I was at a place where I wanted to propose to Cait –  for a new beginning.

She said yes.