Feeling a bit low today.  Not just from eating too much chocolate yesterday.  We watched a Disney Christmas cartoon yesterday and it had ‘groundhog day’ (recurring day) theme to it.

So, last night I didn’t sleep too well, many theories, situations, possibilities about things I ‘may’ do if I had a recurring day with no consequences.  Needless to say, the devil had a field day with lots of  ‘she did ‘this’, so you should have done ‘that’, hoooked up with, chased after, flirted with, risked, pursued etc etc – all with no consequence.

I left the path of ‘revenge’ behind when I chose to forgive.  Still, the devil is good pushing the right buttons to goad you down the path of ‘what if?’  As hard as it is, that’s not the path I’ve chosen.   Every moment I’m awake is a blessing I don’t deserve.  Looking over your shoulder not only makes you miss the blessings of the new day, I reckon it makes you stumble.

Yes, ‘having your cake and eating it too’ sometimes seems like you ‘have it all’ (in spite of the possible consequences).  But, I guess you just consider those who have been down that path and ask them whether it left them ‘fulfilled’, or broken.

Today is another new day.   I’m not going to let it be swallowed by false regret.