I’ve been wondering how long I’ll keep being active with this website.  In a couple of months it will be 2 years since Cait confessed.    No exactly an anniversary to remember, but it’s kind of hard to forget.

As the time has progressed, the ‘unique’ struggles have lessened – they are the ones that have been the hardest to cope with with.  The ‘hum’ of memories still haunt me from time to time.  Sometimes they are easy to brush aside, other times I still need to battle through. I still get flashes of images of her ‘with’ other people, sometimes making our own ‘intimate’ moments a bit ‘tainted’, for want of a better word.  I still have moments where I struggle with ‘why’.  I still have times when I am just ‘sad’.

I guess satan just doesn’t give up.  Outside of forgiveness and new beginnings, he is not going to give up on any opportunity to hurt us.  Thus the sting of ‘consequence’.  Yet, it is never time to give up.  It remains time to keep working on ‘us’.  It never stops being an opportunity to get back on our feet when we have been knocked down.

Not always easy, but conceding defeat is not an option.