It’s been a while since I’ve written – not that things are going really well or really bad, I just forgot my login and password when I got my new computer with my new job!

The last few months have been hitting me pretty hard.  There’s been so many things we’ve been watching on TV that talk about affairs and lies and secrets and betrayals.  Fortunately, most of these times I’m curled up next to Dale and he has often squeezed my arm or held me closer, which has helped greatly.  But the memories still haunt me at times, and they still hurt.

We had our wedding anniversary recently, and the anniversary of the first ‘confession’, two years ago.  Both of these days were tough for me, but we survived.

One of our friends has just found out her husband had an affair and fortunately have been able to be there for her as sounding boards and support.  But that brought up more memories and pain.

All I know is this.  God has forgiven me and I am a new creation.  Dale has forgiven me and we have a new relationship together.  And I love Dale with everything I have.

I’m going to keep fighting for those truths and deal with the pain and memories as they come up.  That’s all I can do.